Company Overview

Your digital transformation partner

Everuz (Ev-er-uz) is an innovative technology company that makes technology more accessible and powerful for enterprises of all sizes and industries through finely-tuned services, innovative products and transformational digital solutions. We help you conceive, design, implement and run your practical digital transformation strategies cost-effectively.

Our Value Proposition

We are unique for our ability to react quickly, solve problems urgently and understand your distinct needs intimately. Our services and solutions enable your business to operate profitably, adapt continuously, and grow sustainably.

Everuz Cloud Managed Services Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario (Canada) with presence in the U.S., Everuz combines deep industry expertise and passion for client value creation to deliver most effective technology services and solutions that help you unlock value from your IT investments and drive efficiencies.

Our Unique Approach

We partner with you to formulate an effective technology strategy that is aligned with your strategic business priorities and vision. We implement that strategy cost-effectively on time, within budget using our proprietary lightweight, no-nonsense implementation methodology. Importantly, we proactively maintain and diligently monitor your mission-critical systems – in the cloud or on-premises – to deliver the highest level of service you demand.

How You Benefit

Transform your business, transcend expectations with our advanced solutions purpose-built for you. Get us on your side and power your future with a digital solutions that fit.Everuz Remote BASIS Administration

Instantly gain scale with our reliable all-inclusive managed services for your mission-critical workloads. Turning to our managed services with predictable cost structure and guaranteed service levels allows you to become more focused, flexible, more dynamic and better able to change and take on new opportunities.

Do not fall behind your competitors, let us help you develop an effective technology strategy to drive productivity and growth.

Everuz Mission Vision Values
Our Mission, Vision and Values


Can your IT keep up when growth presents itself? Developing a practical technology strategy can be your important first step. Your competition is already looking to technology for growth and innovation. Please contact us today at [email protected] and we can help you plan and execute your practical digital strategy cost-effectively. We can get you started with a no obligation technology needs analysis complete with a branded proof of concept implementation of your technology strategy.

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