Mobile Solutions

Kick-start your mobile strategy.

Mobile Solutions

The mobile market is enormous and is still growing. Mobile applications have revolutionized how we do everything. A prudent mobile strategy is an integral component of today’s digital enterprise. It can connect and empower your teams, make information instantly, securely and easily accessible, and keep you in touch with your clients, employees – anyone you need.

Everuz rapidly creates quality and innovative mobile product experiences and platforms through a blend of smart software engineering, design, and digital strategy, all addressing your most difficult challenges. If you don’t have a mobile strategy, you are playing catch-up with your competition – irrespective of your industry. Let us help you fast-track your mobile strategy.

We build differentiated mobile solutions that connect to your enterprise systems and data, enabling mobile to become a true extension of your business.

What We Offer

Mobile SolutionsMore than ever, companies are looking for innovative ways to connect with consumers, customers, employees and partners. The proliferation of mobile devices has made it possible to connect in real-time, on the go, anywhere at scale. Whether you want to develop a consumer product or an enterprise application, Everuz can help you conceive, design, develop and run your mobile solutions cost-effectively.

A great mobile strategy helps you reach new customers at scale, provides greater customer insights and drives efficiency across-the-board. However, an ill-conceived mobile strategy can be a huge drag on your business. Let us put you ahead of your competition by shaping and executing your comprehensive mobile strategy.

Let us build a portfolio of secure, scalable and fast mobile applications and platforms that is future-proof. We deliver a full range of mobile services, including:

  • Strategy consulting
  • Requirements analysis
  • System design
  • UI/UX design
  • Native and cross-platform application development
  • Market delivery (publishing on the App Store, Google Play or Windows Store)
  • Quality assurance
  • Support and maintenance
What We Build

Mobile Solutions

Your demand is our drive. And, our focus is finding creative technology solutions for your complex business problems. We are eager to work with you to build a differentiated technology solution that can best support your workloads and growth.

Whatever your business challenges are, we have the extensive know-how and the proven experience to ensure that we’ll find – and deliver – the right solutions for you. Please call us today to find out how we can build you custom mobile solutions that will grow your business.

Following is a sample of native or cross-platform mobile applications that we are able to build for our customers:

  • E-commerce apps
  • Communication apps
  • Social media apps
  • Media sharing and entertainment apps
  • Business apps
  • Education apps
  • Games
  • Fintech apps


Considering the unique customer needs and preferences, we choose the most effective technology stack for each project. We use a broad range of technologies, including:

Backend Microsoft .NET, Java, C++, PHP, Node.js
Mobile iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Xamarin, Apache Cordova, Qt
Database Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, SAP, Sybase, NoSQL (MongoDB, Apache Cassandra, Hbase, Redis), Hadoop
Cloud Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, private, hybrid


Mobile is huge – it is ubiquitous! Are you ready to take advantage of mobile? Whether you are an entrepreneur with the next big idea or an enterprise with thousands of customers, we can help you shape and execute your mobile strategy cost-effectively. Let us turn your mobile ambition into your biggest opportunity. Please contact us today at [email protected] to find out how we can tailor mobile solutions to redefine your identity, reach your customers and reinvent productivity. The choice is yours, and it’s simple.

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