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Our cloud transformation approach is simple, flexible, differentiated and, importantly, cost-effective. Partnering with you from day one and guiding you through your cloud journey, we enable you to maximize the benefits of cloud while minimizing the risks.

First, we help you understand the financial, operational and strategic benefits of the cloud through a strategy consulting engagement complete with a readiness assessment, gap analysis, preliminary cloud strategy statement and system architecture, and, importantly, a branded proof of concept implementation. Alternatively, you can explore cloud computing risk-free with our no-obligation cloud needs analysis complete with a branded proof of concept implementation of your cloud strategy.

We then help you navigate through the plethora of cloud architectures, products and platforms, and tailor an effective cloud strategy that meets your business needs and strategic goals.

Then, we continue to work with you to prepare a comprehensive cloud migration roadmap and proceed with its implementation. Our proven implementation methodology Everuz Cloud Path™ ensures your seamless transition to the cloud while minimizing risks and service interruptions.

We help you unleash productivity by making your critical business functions work faster, cheaper and better.

Importantly, we proactively maintain and diligently monitor your mission-critical systems in the cloud to deliver the highest level of service you demand.

We help you take your business to the next level by continuing to work with you to transform your inefficient legacy models and processes as well as implement new and expanded capabilities in the cloud.


You want to run your business in the cloud — where do you start? Please contact us today at [email protected] and we can help you leverage cloud the right way. We can help you conceive, plan and execute a practical cloud strategy cost-effectively. With cloud computing, we can offer you the flexibility and scalability of a large IT presence, without, of course, an overwhelming investment. We can get you started with a no obligation needs analysis complete with a branded proof of concept implementation of your cloud strategy.

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