SAP Cloud Migration Services

Let us take you down the right path to the cloud.

Everuz SAP Cloud Migration ServicesWhile transitioning your SAP landscapes to the cloud can bring significant operational and financial rewards, the path to the cloud can be a long and arduous one.

Attracted by the flexibility, cost savings and other meaningful benefits cloud computing offers, increasing numbers of enterprises are moving their SAP systems to the cloud. To successfully move these highly mission-critical systems to the cloud, you need to craft a prudent migration strategy assessing risks and planning for surprises.

Having the right technology partner to manage this complex endeavor is critical to avoid costly pitfalls. Everuz can help!

Everuz SAP ServicesWorking with your teams, we can develop and execute a practical cloud migration strategy that aligns with your business priorities and technology vision.

We strive to work with the organizational processes that are already in place and with the technological expertise you already have in-house as much as possible. As a result, you cut costs, minimize disturbances as well as eliminate unnecessary process overhauls and talent turnover.

Not surprisingly, forward-thinking organizations are turning to us to help them understand the complexities and risks involved in SAP cloud adoption, and to design, build and run effective SAP cloud services.

SAP Application Migration to the Cloud

We can help you re-host SAP applications to the cloud or replace with commercial cloud options. Our consultants have experience in migrating many SAP landscapes – small and complex – to the cloud on budget, within time.

SAP HANA Migration

We can assess, plan and seamlessly transition your SAP landscapes to SAP HANA on-premises, in the cloud or fully managed in the cloud cost-effectively.

We support all your HANA migration scenarios, including:

On-premises HANA migration
On-premises to Cloud HANA Migration
Cloud HANA Migration
Everuz Cloud Managed HANA

Database Migration

We can help you migrate your SAP landscapes from one database to another on the same or different operating system running on-premises, in the cloud or fully managed in the cloud.

Supported databases include Ms SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase and DB2 running on Windows, AIX and Linux.


We support all your database migration scenarios, including:

Everuz Database Migration P2P
SAP On-Premises Database Migration
Everuz Database Migration P2C
SAP On-Premises to Cloud Database Migration
Everuz Database Migration C2C
SAP Cloud Database Migration
Everuz Database Migration P2C MS
Everuz SAP Cloud Managed Database

Physical-to-Virtual (P2V) Migration

We can help you migrate your SAP landscapes from a physical infrastructure to a more scalable, efficient, cost-effective virtual infrastructure in cloud.

Physical-to-Virtual Migration

Supported Cloud Platforms

Everuz IaaS Partner Data Center
At Everuz, we partner and align with organizations whose products and services complement and expand ours so that we can deliver you the most comprehensive, reliable and affordable solutions.

Everuz supports all leading IaaS platforms, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure andGoogle Cloud Platform. Our strong working relationships with these top-tier service providers broaden our services, improve reliability of our solutions, reduce costs and, most importantly, accelerate your time-to-value.
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You want to reap the benefits of the cloud by moving your SAP landscapes to the cloud, but you don’t know where to start. You are not alone, and we can help! Please contact us today at [email protected] and we can help you plan and execute your practical SAP cloud transformation strategy cost-effectively. We can get you started with a no obligation needs analysis complete with a branded proof of concept sandbox implementation of your SAP workloads in the cloud.

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