Objective. Insightful. Data-driven.

Complementing our big data and analytics expertise, we offer a wide range of independent, relevant, data-driven research across many topics. We synthesize large amount of diverse datasets and analyze them using quantitative techniques to draw insightful conclusions. With our proven expertise and robust methodology, we help you achieve your research objectives – quickly and cost-effectively.

We ensure that our research solutions are tailor-made to meet your business objectives by critically analyzing the information content. We deliver our expansive research solutions via flexible engagement models.


Custom Research Solutions

Let us build you an integrated data-driven research platform to capture, analyze and draw insights from your data. With our custom research solutions, you can make better and timely decisions and gain clarity about your business and its drivers.


Quantitative Equity Research

We are your reliable partner for all your quantitative equity research needs of North American equities.

Your choice is broad and flexible. Choose from our comprehensive Quantz™ platform as a service to build your own model from the ground up or start with our library of prebuilt models. Or, let us build a model as per your specifications.



Quantz™ is a comprehensive, fully-managed quantitative equity research platform of North American equities that facilitates full-cycle alpha model development, including:

  • Low to medium frequency alpha modelling
  • Back-testing and paper trading
  • Portfolio selection and construction
  • Risk assessment and attribution
  • Transaction cost modelling and analysis

We employ a multi-faceted approach to data collection, storage and aggregation as well as application development that alleviates the burden of having your own data and system. With predictable cost structure and guaranteed service levels, Quantz™ eases your financial and resource burdens and lets you focus on what matters most – your investment process.

The key benefits you enjoy with Quantz™ include:

  • Rapid time-to-value, reduced TCO
  • Ubiquitous access, and easy sharing and collaboration
  • Reduced implementation times and risks
  • Future-proof, scalable, fast, secure, reliable, fast platform
  • Ready-to-use, fully-managed research platform with high quality data
  • Complex analytical framework with prebuilt, fully-vetted alpha models
  • Intuitive workflows and improved productivity
  • Streamlined, intuitive application interface
  • Guaranteed service levels and predictable monthly cost

Prebuilt Models

Choose from our vast library of vetted alpha models and customize as you see fit. You have an idea? We may already have a solution for you!


Custom Models

By combining our high quality data, systems and our domain expertise, let us turn your idea into a winning trading strategy. We work with you to refine your model and factor selection, incorporating the stock return forecasting efficiency of your model across regions and sectors.

Leave the grunt work to us and focus on what is important – your investment ideas. Importantly, our open architecture allows us to easily incorporate your proprietary data and algorithms into the model. Your model belongs to you – and you can further refine your model as you see fit.


Canadian Oil & Gas Research

One of our focus areas is the Canadian small-cap Exploration and Production companies. We combine our strong background in Canadian Oil & Gas industry, technology and quantitative analysis to produce objective, insightful, data-driven investment research that gives you an indisputable edge.

We maintain a large database of Canadian E&P company information, including well, production and land data as well as a comprehensive analytical overlay to facilitate our unique, data-driven research.



Using proprietary statistical techniques on publicly available data, we first objectively assess well type curves and well inventory for each play. Then we drill the inventory over time assuming a capital program and a production growth clip. We model each play on a well-by-well basis. We accurately project current corporate production decline curve by individually projecting producing wells. We perform sensitivity analysis on many variables, including commodity prices, interest rates, service costs and tolls, to realistically assess the risk of the program.


Type Curves

We independently develop type curves using complex quantitative techniques on the provincial production data. These type curves are often more realistic than the ones communicated by the companies – or the brokers. Our type curves are carefully adjusted to account for any current or future evolution in completion technologies.


Inventory Assessment

We objectively assess the prospectivity of land using statistical inferential techniques that use, among other things, neighboring production and geological data. This technique produces a more realistic estimate of well inventory.


Production Analysis

We use proprietary statistical forecasting techniques on well-by-well basis to predict total petroleum production with high degree of accuracy and confidence. These accurate, timely projections have led our clients to make smarter investment decisions – with confidence.


We provide timely independent, insightful research on companies that are typically not covered by the major broker dealers. We cover what is not covered!

Whether you are a small-cap company that wants to generate investor interest and visibility through objective sponsored research or an investor interested in unbiased equity research, we can help.


Issuer-sponsored Research

Does your investment story lack visibility? Partner with us and significantly boost your market profile, and investor interest and confidence with our continuous objective, insightful research and exposure solutions.

Studies show that quality research coverage significantly improves liquidity of a stock and ultimately reduces cost of equity capital, often leading to higher share prices.

Let us help you get noticed and supercharge your story with our detailed, objective, insightful research. Importantly, we distribute our research to a large network of relevant investors, intermediaries and industry peers through our finely-tuned exposure solutions.


Paid Research

In addition to the issuer-sponsored research, we have 20+ small-cap Canadian E&P companies under coverage. Gain significant insight into these important companies and make smarter investment decisions with our objective research reports and investment theses.


Custom Research

Do you want independent research on companies that are not in our coverage universe? We can provide continuous quality, timely research for any publicly-traded or private small-cap Canadian E&P company. We will work with you to customize your research solution, focusing on areas that matter to you most.



Do you need help implementing your quantitative equity idea quickly and cost-effectively or analyzing Canadian E&P companies objectively? We can help! Use our Quantz™ platform to develop and test your quantitative strategy and gain indisputable edge. Or, let us produce custom, unbiased equity research with realistic type curves and well inventory. To learn more about how we can help with all your research needs, please contact us at