Database Modernization

Modernize without compromise

Continuous cycles of digital transformation are here to stay. Agile organizations are embracing change to drive growth and innovation – and stay ahead of competition. Unfortunately, legacy systems stand in the way of many other. Legacy systems impede scalability and organizational agility, and present difficult integrations, cumbersome collaborations and expensive deployments leading to lost productivity.

If you are not thinking about your legacy system modernization strategy, you may already be behind your competition. While transitioning away from your legacy systems may seem daunting, the shift can be greatly simplified by working with a reliable modernization partner. We can help!

Our differentiated solutions simplify and accelerate your modernization journey, unleashing efficiency, agility and competitive advantage. You will have functionally equivalent, seamlessly integrated applications with reduced cost structure, improved business agility, and a solid foundation for growth.


A Ticking Time Bomb

Digital transformation is happening in varying degrees across all industries. And, business focus has shifted from profitability and cost, to differentiation and customer value. Organizations are quickly realizing that they don’t have much time to modernize their legacy systems that are holding them back.

Your legacy systems are a ticking time bomb and present huge business risks, including:

  • Lack of scalability and business agility;
  • Diminishing talent pool;
  • Inability to handle the volume of data in today’s mobile-first world;
  • Outdated and crippling cost model; and
  • Diminished productivity as a result of difficult integrations, cumbersome collaborations and expensive deployments.

What We Offer

We offer a comprehensive solution to convert legacy and near-legacy databases to modern database platforms that will allow you to scale your business. Our conversion process is supported by a unique set of tools that we have developed as part of this offering.

We begin with a detailed assessment of the database schema along with a baseline performance requirement. We then use this information to recreate your database environment without the data. This approach alleviates any data privacy concerns. We then internally setup a repeatable process to convert legacy databases to the modern database of your choice. We work with you to tailor a future-proof system architecture in the cloud or on-premises.

Our database modernization solutions are flexible, and you can choose from:

  • A complete solution for converting database objects, permissions, and data as well complete testing
  • A hybrid solution where we help migrate database objects, and you covert the data and test with the tools and guidance we provide
  • Licensing one or more of our proprietary software tools to accelerate your migrations on your own

We support most of the common database modernization scenarios, including:

From To

Microsoft SQL Server
Big Data


Our Approach

Migrate your databases and modernize outdated applications to quickly respond to your evolving business demands. Leverage modern open architectures to create context-aware, consistent and massively-scalable applications for your global customers.

Working with you, we can plan, design, and implement your effective legacy database and application modernization strategy. Our pragmatic, lightweight and low-risk approach involves five key phases overseen by a dedicated team of experts.

  1. Assessment
    Ensure the conversion scope and areas of concentration are isolated and well defined prior to starting the conversion effort as well as provide the detail required to fully define the conversion project plan including assignments, responsibilities, time frames and costs
  2. Database and Data Conversion
    Construct new relational database structures designed to provide the same traversal and performance capabilities as the former database, including requirements for schema, permissions and data cleansing
  3. Application Conversion
    Help modernize legacy applications, making sure the solution meets current and future needs
  4. Quality Assurance
    Ensure all functional and performance requirements are met using a comprehensive testing strategy that starts on day one
  5. Deployment, Training and Support
    Deploy, document, train and continue to support the systems as required

Business Benefits

We understand legacy systems, their entanglements, and the challenges they pose to your business. We provide a comprehensive set of unique tools, services and processes to migrate your legacy and near-legacy databases and systems to highly-scalable, modern and open systems. And take you a step closer to the cloud.

By partnering with us for all your legacy system modernization needs, you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Experienced team
    Our team has in-depth experience in modernizing numerous legacy systems  for clients of all sizes and industries as well as deep technical and domain expertise, and customer-centric culture
  • Flexible solutions
    You choose from our broad array of flexible solution options
  • Predictable costs
    With our lightweight and practical modernization methodology, and flexible solution delivery options, the project costs become transparent, predictable and reliable
  • Data and information security
    We apply strict security controls over our project implementation to protect your data
  • Future-proof solutions
    We design your solution with your future workloads in mind using leading-edge technologies, design patterns and methods
  • Iterative, low-risk Agile approach
    Our legacy transformation methodology allows us to efficiently handle changing requirements, and improve the overall product quality through a rigorous QA process
  • Fast, scalable and highly available cloud-ready solutions


Are you wondering how you can scale your operations, improve reliability and cut costs by modernizing your legacy databases? We can help! Please contact us today at [email protected] to learn more about our comprehensive database and system modernization solutions. Don’t forget to take advantage of our free comprehensive review of your legacy systems. Let us help you remove the biggest road block to your growth – your legacy systems – and supercharge your digital transformation to face the new reality – head-on.