SAP Cloud Managed HANA

Transform your business with cloud managed HANA

Everuz Managed ServicesIn-memory computing with SAP HANA enables you to instantaneously access, explore, model and analyze data in real-time — without impacting existing applications or systems. HANA is here. Let us help you leverage it.

We can accelerate your exploration and adoption of SAP HANA with rapidly provisioned, fully managed HANA instances in the cloud allowing you to gain a new level of simplicity and automation for your business analytics.

Do you want to see the added value that HANA can bring to your business without interfering with your production environment or burdening your IT staff? We can set you up with a no-obligation branded managed HANA instance with your data.

SAP HANADevelop faster proofs of concept, demos and sandboxes with Everuz Cloud Managed HANA. Gain real-time insights about your business drivers and respond proactively.

By avoiding hardware procurement and capital expenses, your HANA projects get up and running fast without long-term contracts and burden on your in-house BASIS team.

Our SAP HANA Migration consultants can help you make the strategic leap to HANA.


Cloud Benefits

desktopRunning SAP HANA in the cloud combines the real-time analytics that drive business decisions with the flexibility and efficiency of the cloud. Many meaningful benefits have been spurring adoption of HANA in the cloud among forward-thinking growth enterprises, including:

  • Improved speed
  • Better performance
  • Greater agility to quickly to turn ideas into action and drive innovation
  • Ability to easily manage complex landscapes
  • A significant reduction in time to value
  • An elastic scalability to adapt to workload demands
  • An optimal total cost of ownership
  • A shift from a capital expense to an operating expense investment model
  • More frequent hardware refresh cycles
Everuz Cloud Managed HANA Benefits

Everuz SupportEveruz Cloud Managed HANA environments present many benefits, including:

  • Unlimited scalability and elasticity
    • Eliminate infrastructure constraints
    • Global data center locations
  • Elimination of manpower constraints
  • Flexible implementation projects
  • High availability and business continuity with flexible business-centric DR options
  • Flexible business-centric SLAs and contract terms
  • ITIL-compliant manged services
  • Asset management
  • Support for very large HANA databases
  • Flexible service model
  • Managed compliance
  • Managed monitoring
  • Managed network and security


What We Offer
  • Cloud Managed Services - Single VendorAssessment, Planning and Migration: We help you assess your cloud readiness and workloads, and formulate a cloud strategy as well as build, deploy and manage your critical SAP workloads in the managed cloud
  • Resiliency: Achieve guaranteed, superior resiliency for your mission-critical cloud managed HANA instances with SLAs through our partner data centers, as well as our robust DR framework and high availability option
  • Support and Monitoring: Multilayered round-the-clock proactive monitoring, service desk support, periodic reporting, incident management and change management
  • Vendor Management: We manage all aspects of the relationship with the cloud service partners, including account management, capacity management, resource reporting and optimization, product recommendations, and performance management
  • Expertise: Industry best practices coupled with robust solution blueprints and our seasoned implementation consultants with SAP HANA domain expertise help you get up and running fast in the managed cloud
  • Security: Your SAP HANA instances are delivered in a managed cloud environment that is hosted in a data center and network architecture built to meet the rigorous requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations, including incident response, internet security (integrated IDS/IPS, DDoS protection, intrusion prevention and managed firewalls), network isolation, data privacy, encrypted tape backups, and timely security patches
  • Compliance: Easily meet your regulatory compliance requirements with our standard customizable audit and alert reports
  • Flexible SLAs: Striking a balance between resiliency and cost, we offer flexible cloud managed HANA packages
  • Flexible Managed Service Offering: Choose the level of managed services to suit your unique business needs
    SAP Managed Services

Do you want to rapidly deploy SAP HANA and seamlessly scale to your workload demands? We can help! To learn more about Everuz SAP Cloud Managed HANA, please contact us today at [email protected].  We can get you started with a no obligation needs analysis complete with a branded proof of concept implementation of your mission-critical SAP workloads with a fully-managed HANA instance in the cloud.


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